AnnouncementJul. 14, 2022
Furrystation Growth

Commission price changes!

It's time for me to announce price changes!

You can check out my new prices over here:
>>Commission Info<<
(link can also be found on my profile if needed)

My commission prices had been in the really low tier for quite some time now. My skill level has risen in the past few years and it really was about time I raise my prices accordingly, so it feels fair in comparison to the effort and time I invest in my work.


(This part is mostly me rambling, so feel free to skip this. Unless you like to hear me ramble XD)
I never been good in setting prices on things I create/-d. Mostly due to a lack of self esteem/confidence and lowkey tying my follower count to it as well, wich isn't good practice, go figure.
Had been talking with close friends and artist friends to get input on what they'd feel were good price ranges for me.
I was astonished by some numbers I got back (way higher then I would have set myself) and had a hard time coming to the conclusion that yes, I was underselling myself.
Though I wasn't comfortable with raising my prices quite to the amounts given to me, I settled on something that feels right for now and hopefully not to steep for anyone interested in commissions.
I'm still ~20-40% lower than some prices suggested to me, if I'm not mistaken. I also looked at commission prices of other artists with similar skills to mine to adjust acordingly.

I guess I'm trying to say, I've been overthinking this way to long, cause that's how I am. Being fair to yourself is hard when you have this amount self esteem issues.